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Paid to click is a business model or type of business based on Internet advertising. In this type of business, a site Paid To Click (or PTC) acts as an intermediary between an advertiser (you want to visit and pay a fee for the ad impressions), and some visitors who register on the PTC site should visit the advertising and earn some of the money paid by the advertiser.


In addition to payment by clicking on ads, most PTC sites offer a commission to its members if they get new naming them to their members as a reference to register on the site to register (similar to many affiliate programs), either in the form of new registration fee, or a percentage of the clicks your referrals make as an ongoing commission.

What is PTC? - GananciasPTC.com

PTC sites generate their profits not only from the part that takes the price paid by the advertiser, but much of the gain for the PTC may come from direct sales of referrals or "enhancement packages" to its members (who they will make them to charge more per click, etc.).


This has led to the proliferation of fraud (scams) or Ponzi schemes that use PTC business as a cover, in which members are encouraged to buy references that are not really human, or enhancement packages that offer no real value. In addition, some sites may request that their users pay a fee "update" before they can collect their retained earnings, and then not pay to those users. Scams, but they are exposed in various forums PTC, are still widely used by the newcomers, who are attracted to these sites through search engines. There are scams by PTC sites that are known to attract new users with cheap offers for upgrades and referrals, and then disappear without a trace after a short time.


It is clear that many webmasters want to profit from the need of users, but nevertheless, there are legitimate PTC sites, with several years running, who are daily making their payments to users. 


If you want to know the best PTC sites that actually pay even for several years already, stop by the tabs on this page, which we will explain more in detail how each one of them.


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