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EasyHits4u has been operating since 2003, the administration monitors the project development and regularly introduces various innovations. But most importantly,  if we consider this project Not only as a site for attraction of referrals but as a website for earnings, it is paying, and pays regularly, without delays (7 Day).

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Reasons why you should use EasyHits4U

On EasyHits4U more 1250000 members - You will be able to promote their Internet web page to attract referrals on any project.


For every 1000 sites in surfing you earn $0.3 - EasyHits4u gives the opportunity not only to promote their websites and gain referrals, but also to earn money.


Affiliate program - Free credits from your referrals on 5 levels.Earn up to 40% commissions. 


Receive $0.10 - for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites!


Use free Easy Rotator - Manage, host and track your site rotators for free. Create and submit your rotator link to any program of your choice, and you are able to manage all of your links directly from EasyHits4U.


Use free Easy Splash Builder - No need to be an HTML or PHP guru. If you worked with any MS Word like editor, then you will be able to easily create your splash pages with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

EasyHits4U Registration and the first steps

After opening EasyHits4u web site, we click directly on the "signup", as shown in the figure below.

Join EasyHits4U -

Open the registration form, here you Have the ability to quickly register using our account on Facebook or Google+. Or You can use standard registration and fill in all your details.


Full name, email address, user name, password (Make sure you have a unique strong password in EasyHits4u (a password that you haven't used in any other site). Finally, after entering a CAPTCHA, and click on the " Get Started " button.


To login enter the password and nick. And enter the captcha. or click on the social network which you used for register

EasyHits4U how it is works?

The first thing we need to add links that we are planning to advertise. To do this, click on my sites and go to page management our sites in the surf. Click on the green plus icon (add a new site)

and in the appeared window fill in the data of the website for advertising in surfing.

To end, press " Submit website " button. Repeat these same steps with banner and text advertising.

Surf and Earn!

Now by Clicking on the appropriate button we can start surfing.

After clicking on one of the buttons we get to the page surfing. Immediately begin the timer countdown. After the countdown, click on one of the two identical pictures or solve easy mathematical task.


NOTE: it is Not necessary to click on a captcha at random. after a certain number of incorrect answers will be followed by a temporary blocking of the account!

After viewing every 1000 pages, regardless of whether they were viewed in one day or for days, on your account is automatically credited 30 cents. In addition, there is the opportunity to receive cash prizes, extra credits, banner or text ads, lottery tickets, on prize pages (25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750, 1000) after clicking on the green button to "Claim Your Prize" in the middle of the page him will added on your account balance.

To sign up click on the banner.

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