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Looking for a way to earn money by shortening links through social networks or in a blog? is a different method to make money online. By using this tool you are paid each time your links receive visits.

To earn money with you need to have many followers, everything is said.

Well through a blog or website or through social networks like twitter or facebook. Now I explain a little better how this page called

What is

✔️ Description: is a link shortener that allows you to earn money by sharing your links on social networks, forums, blogs or as an advertiser on certain pages.


✔️ My Rating: Excellent


✔️ Payment Proof: Yes. 


✔️ Language: English and Spanish.


✔️ How works: The operation is very simple. You link the link in your account to shorten it and then users clicking on the link will see a 5 second advertisement before showing the actual content of your page. Each time you visit the link you will earn a small amount of money. It is a good tool to promote long links by social networks like twitter or facebook.


✔️ Fees per visit: The payment ratios are usually several. For every thousand clicks you earn between 2 and 3 dollars. Profits will vary depending on the country of the visitor. The best-paid countries are the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.


✔️ Referrals: You earn 20% of what your referrals earn. If you have advertisers among your referrals, you will earn 5% of the advertising purchases they make.


✔️ Minimum Cashout: $5.00 USD


✔️ Payment Mode: PayPal, Payza and Payoneer


✔️ Remarks: Payments are automatic, you do not have to request them. Usually have a specific date to make payments (usually the first week of each month). If by that date you have won $5.00 you will be paid for paypal or payza, as you have previously chosen.

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How do You Make Money on

There are two ways to earn money with this tool:


Example of how money is made in With an example it is understood much better. Suppose I want to make money every time I share the link of my blog GananciasPTC. For this I enter into my account and I am assigned a link to my blog. I will get something similar to This link will have to share in social networks or wherever I can think of.


If you enter the link you will see that a different page appears at the beginning of the GananciasPTC. It is the advertising page, the source that in the end will give us the money of our visits. At the top right there is a 5 second counter. When the 5 seconds ends, a text that says "Skip Advertising" will appear. Every time our visitors see advertising we will have made money.


The referral program is another way to earn money. They pay you 20% of what your referrals generate (a fairly high percentage compared to other pages). If among your referrals there is a webmaster who bought advertising, you will be paid 5% of the purchase made. The money you earn from referrals accumulates to what you earn by sharing the links.

My Opinion About

Today there are several sites similar to For example I can think of Linkbucks. Among all the pages of the same subject, the best results have been given to me has been Best of all is that you do not have to request payments. At the beginning of the month they pay automatically (usually on the first day of each month). If you prefer to extend a payment, delete the payment data from your account before the 1st of the month. So they will not pay you until you do not put your paypal account.


For questions have a forum. Do not try to cheat by clicking on your own links. They usually allow a click to test mode but if they see that you are continuously clicking your links you can suspend the account and then there is no turning back. I hope this tool to make money by sharing links have liked and benefited. Then I leave the link in case you want to register.

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