Review of CroClix: Scam or Legit?

Main Currency: $ Lenguage: English Established: 2013
Script Used: Evolution Ref Click: Up to 100% Cashout Time: 10 Day
Per Click: Up to $0.01 Minimum Cashout: $1.00 Accepted Countries: All

Brief Description

CroClix was launched on 17 october 2013 It is one of the sites CroMedia (EkoClix, EldiBux). Owners Elvir and Dina (Erogina) from Croatia. The site hosts many promotions. Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 80.000) and Stable Payments (Paid more $50.000) 


This site allows you to earn money at home. It is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner as well as professional online workers).


If you like to take part in various competitions and various promotions then this the site you'll like. The site hosts a variety of mini-games with prizes.

CroClix: Registration and the first steps

To sign up click on the banner.

CroClix -

After opening CroClix web site, we click directly on the "Register", as shown in the figure below.

Register CroClix -

Open the registration form, you must enter all of your data (data must match with real). user name, full name,   email address, password (Make sure you have a unique strong password in CroClix (a password that you haven't used in any other site), Payment Information.


Finally, after entering a CAPTCHA, and select the "Terms of Service", click on the "Register" button.


Check your mail , there will be a letter in which will need to click on the link to activate your account. After activating the writing we can enter in to account, click directly on the "Login", as shown in the figure below.

Login CroClix -

How here are earning and how it is works?

To select Methods of earnings click directly on the "Earn Money", as shown in the figure below.

Earn Money CroClix -

View Ads - Earnings on viewing advertising.

View Ads CroClix -

To view the click on advertisment. (Will launch in a new window browser)

Wait loading timer

Click the upside down picture