Review of FamilyBTC: Scam or Legit?

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Main Currency: ฿ Lenguage: English Established: 2017
Script Used: Evolution Ref Click: Up to 100% Cashout Time: 7 Day
Per Click: Up to 20 Satoshi Minimum Cashout: ฿0.0004 Accepted Countries: All

FamilyBTC: Earn satoshis easily and free

FamilyBTC is a new PTC page (with its own Faucet) where you can earn bitcoins. Not a page anymore, FamilyBTC belongs to the more than familiar FamilyClix, a veteran Paid to Click page that has been online and paying for the years 2014.


Do not miss the opportunity to join what seems to be a safe and stable page in time that will allow you to win small fractions of Bitcoin completely free.

FamilyBTC: Registration and the first steps

Registration at FamilyBTC is completely free and you will simply fill in a simple registration form where you are asked for information such as name, nick, email and password. If you want to register now click on the banner you will see below to directly access the registration form and create your account.

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How to earn Bitcoin at FamilyBTC?

FamilyBTC will offer a wide range of possibilities to win satoshis in a very simple and free way. All the ways to earn bitcoins that I will quote below will be found under the "Earn Money" menu.


✔️Clicks and Views

You will have multiple paid ads daily to view. The ads will give you between 10, 20 and 30 satoshis. The value of the ads will depend on the viewing time they require, versus the longer the better paid they will be.

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The number of ads available will be determined by the number of users promoting your pages and other businesses on FamilyBTC. At the moment as it is a page of recent creation perhaps there are few announcements but it is only a matter of time. As soon as the page is announced and hundreds of users start to enter, the amount of daily advertisements available will be triggered. 


✔️ Faucet

This page in addition to the paid advertisements has a Faucet of its own in which you can claim 0.00000040 BTC every 15 minutes.

Faucet FamilyBTC -

To claim your satoshis you must fill in a captcha, click on the banner ad and finely press the Claim button.


✔️ ClixGrid

Classic game where you must uncover checkboxes for prizes. Specifically in the Grid of FamilyBTC the prizes will be credits to advertise, yes, they play prizes very frequently.

ClixGrid FamilyBTC -

You will always have a guaranteed prize for each box you uncover, specifically 0.50 credits to promote and advertise your in the ClixGrid.

Finally, add that you can uncover up to 250 boxes daily.


✔️ Offers Walls

Panels already known as KiwiWall, Wannads, AdcendMedia, etc ...

You can earn extra money by completing a variety of offers and tasks.

FamilyBTC: Referral and Membership System

FamilyBTC has an unlimited direct referral system with which you will earn:


✔️ 50% of the profits your referrals generate by watching ads and using the Faucet.

✔️ 5% of the profits that your referrals get through the bidding panels and 5% of potential purchases of advertising or membership.


All these aspects, both profits and limits mentioned in this section as in previous ones can be improved by acquiring a membership.


Upgraded membership specifically costs 0.001 BTC every 30 days. It is quite affordable but you will only get real performance if you have an extensive network of active referrals.


I leave below a catch with the differences between a free user and one with Upgraded membership.

Membership FamilyBTC -

Minimum and payment deadlines at FamilyBTC

The minimum you must reach to request a payment is very affordable. You will only have to collect 0.0004 BTC in order to withdraw your winnings.

Other aspects to take into account when requesting a balance withdrawal:


✔️ You must wait 2 days to reapply for a new payment.


✔️ The daily maximum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

FamilyBTC Pay

This page is very recent and I do not have any FamilyBTC payments yet. As soon as I reach the minimum balance to be able to collect I will request a payment and later when I receive it, I will upload the payment slip here so that you can see what FamilyBTC pays.

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