Review of Scarlet-Clicks: Scam or Legit?

Main Currency: $ Lenguage: English Established: 2009
Script Used: Evolution Ref Click: Up to 100% Cashout Time: 7 Day
Per Click: Up to $0.01 Minimum Cashout: $2.00 Accepted Countries: All

Brief Description

This is one of the oldest PTC in the service of paid advertising. He has been online since 2009, at which time he has always paid promptly to his users.


Its operation has no mystery, and is very simple to use. The ways to make money with it are the usual ones: Viewing ads, playing ScarletGrid, completing offers, inviting friends, renting referrals, etc.


✔️ Site Management: Scarlet-Clicks was founded in 2009 and is managed by Dimitrios Kornelatos, also owner of veteran and well-known GPT Planet.


✔️ Payments: The minimum payment is always the same: $ 2.00 USD


✔️ Payment method: PayPal, Payza


✔️ Language: English


✔️ Accepted countries: All except China

Scarlet-Clicks: Registration and the first steps

To sign up click on the banner.

After opening Scarlet-Clicks web site, we click directly on the "Register", as shown in the figure below.

Register Scarlet-Clicks -

Open the registration form, you must enter all of your data (data must match with real). user name, full name,   email address, password (Make sure you have a unique strong password in Scarlet-Clicks (a password that you haven't used in any other site), Payment Information.


Finally, after entering a CAPTCHA, and select the "Terms of Service", click on the "Register" button.


Check your mail , there will be a letter in which will need to click on the link to activate your account. After activating the writing we can enter in to account, click directly on the "Login", as shown in the figure below.

Login Scarlet-Clicks -

How here are earning and how it is works?

To select Methods of earnings click directly here as shown in the figure below.

Earn Money Scarlet-Clicks -

View Ads - Earnings on viewing advertising.

View Ads Scarlet-Clicks -

To view the click on advertisment. (Will launch in a new window browser)


Wait loading timer

Click the upside down picture


As I said at the beginning, the ways to make money in Scarlet-Clicks are the typical ones in any PTC.


1.- Viewing ads: Every day we will have several ads to view. They do not have "ad focus", so you do not need to see them, just clicking on them and then completing the captcha is enough.


2.- ScarletGrid: Game that can be played every day. You just have to click on a panel full of ads containing advertisements. You can get up to $ 1.00 USD


3.- PTCWall: Section where we can also make money watching ads.


No doubt we are talking about one of the most stable and settled PTC's that exist. With a good work strategy you can earn extra money.


Although the profits are not as high as on other pages, we have the peace of mind of being in a well-managed site that has proven to be stable over the years.